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Custom hearing aids are available with different levels of technology and features, and are suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing losses. These hearing aids are worn in the ear canal and are custom-fit, based on an impression that is taken by your hearing care professional at the time of your hearing aid consultation. This impression is used to create a custom fit hearing aid with a shell that is designed to fit your ear canal perfectly. In-the-ear hearing aids are also known for being lightweight and discreet and can be made in a variety of colours to mach different skin tones to blend with the outer ear. 


Custom devices come in various sizes and categories such as ITE (In-the-Ear), ITC (In-the Canal), CIC (Completely-in-Canal) and IIC (Invisible-in-Canal). They are suitable for people who play sports, wear glasses or want something that’s discreet and barely visible when worn. ITE hearing aids are an ideal choice for those looking for an easy-to-handle device that offers a range of features and excellent sound quality. Most are equipped with Bluetooth technology and can be wirelessly connected to other compatible devices such as smart phones and TVs. ITE devices are available in both rechargeable and disposable battery-powered option. 

What are the benefits of Bluetooth hearing aids?

In the past, if you wanted to take a phone call, listen to music or watch a video on your computer or tablet, you had to take your hearing aids out and use headphones. Bluetooth hearing aids can remotly connect to various compatible devices, offering safe and secure streaming, which allows you to use your hearing aids as wireless headphones. With this technology you can: 

  1. Enjoy hands-free calls and hear phone conversations more clearly in both ears
  2. Control your hearing aids through an app on your phone and connect to various accessories  
  3. Listen to music, TV, videos, audiobooks and podcasts through your hearing aids 
  4. Experience a much better quality video calls and oline meetings 
  5. Ideal if you have to take calls while driving, at work or home 

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